Amanda Heisman
Wellness Creative & Innovator

Amanda Heisman wearing blue denim jacket.

Amanda Heisman, CHHC, is a Wellness Guide, Embodiment Coach, and Nourishment Channel. Amanda is trained in not only nutrition science, but food psychology and energy medicine. Amanda founded Heisman Health in 2013, which focuses on guiding women to create Joyful and Easy Relationships with Food, Body, and Self. 

She does this through a number of different unique modalities & methods including Body Wisdom, Intuitive Eating, Embodiment, Organ Channeling, and Deep Golden Shadow & Inner Child Work to rewire the body and belief setpoint to exist in its natural wellness and vitality. (Your transformation seems to reside where her work intersects between Nutrition Science, Food Psychology, And Energy Work. Whoa, Powerful YOU!)

In particular, she supports leaders, professionals, parents, and entrepreneurs in the Deep Nourishment, Nervous System Regulation, and Self-Care it takes to run a business or family and create Holistic Success. Having spent a decade in corporate sales, she recovered from burn-out herself and now helps others do the same. She is also a Writer, Speaker, Alchemist, Dancer, and Nature-Lover. Amanda can typically be found singing and dancing her way through Nutrition AND Life!

For more about Amanda, her story, and intuitive wellness journey through chronic pain and chronic illness – Read this Article in Bold Journey.

Amanda's Offerings

Bespoke, one-on-one coaching and wellness mentorship in 3, 6, 12 or 24 month programs. This lends itself to long-lasting and deep transformation.

There is also the one month starter, the Body and Belief Calibration. A great place to begin this work.

Calibrate your body to your new energy & collapse the timeline to bring your future-self forward sooner. Also helps the body “catch up” to your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. We pick one focus/ symptom/ issue to bring solution to and uncover the deeper underlying pattern and its root to change it from the inside out. Back to your Divine Design, releasing conditioning that is making you stressed/ unwell/ unbalanced.

*Format of three intensives 7-10 days apart with energy work and full message (voice/text) support between. Great for those considering longer work to get a taste of the process- and also stands alone to get one result in a short time period.

For more info:

~ To schedule a free first connect call to learn more or an Intuitive Nourishment Journey: Go here. 

~To inquire about & apply for private programs: Go here.

~To inquire about Amanda speaking and/ or channeling for your organization or event: Go here.

~If you are looking for Amanda’s easily-accessible entry courses like the signature 10 Day Holistic Detox, *which is my answer to many of the unsafe cleanses out there. It’s physically safe, flooding the body with needed nutrients, and conducive to physiology and flexible enough to meet you where you’re at. It is also coded and designed to help address the mental, spiritual, and emotional detox that inevitably accompany a physical one.

Or the 21 Day Intuitive Eating Adventure or the 30 day Sugar Release Experiment, please email for info: amanda at heisman health dot com

Praise for Heisman Health

“Amanda is amazing! I came to Amanda with a very long term, ongoing issue with cycles, skin problems, and a host of other issues I was experiencing relating to endometriosis. I had seen MANY other professionals (nutritionists, doctors), who weren’t much help. In ONE session, Amanda identified the issue. Right after our work, my cycle became regular, my skin completely cleared and a year later, I was pregnant (usually impossible with Stage IV endo). She is so talented, hire her.” ~Crystal Davis


“You demystified what ‘listening to my body’ actually means for me.” Client L


“Learning to tune into my body’s wisdom for eating has helped me reconnect my intuition in other areas.” ~Ashley


“I love how she puts her clients in our own POWER and empowers us through these journeys. So super important in my eyes!” ~Pauline


“I had tried many times to make positive changes on my own, but I needed help and just didn’t realize it.” ~Rox


“It usually takes me 30-45 minutes of meditation to drop into a theta state that Amanda took me to in seconds.” ~Joel


“That is the strongest space anyone has ever held for me.” ~Brook


“I have never felt anything like that! I’ve never felt that way in my 41 years.” ~Molly


“I don’t think I have ever dove into my subconscious mind like that without psychedelics. PLAY has been catalyzed for me! For so long, I have viewed self-development as a serious experience. ‘I should do this and that and that,’ I would scold myself, not realizing how draining that can be. Now I know, I AM ENOUGH!” ~Carlos


“I adore Amanda’s giving spirit, knowledge of all things nourishing, compassion of others, sense of humor and singing skills, “realness” and sharing of self experiences, her guided messages and most of all her Big Heart.” ~Becky


Amanda is Magic. Far-exceeded my expectations!” ~Caroline


“Amanda took the pressure off of getting it perfect and allowed me to really learn about myself. It was eye-opening, a new approach, and beyond valuable; it causes a quality of life change, and Amanda makes it exciting!” ~Client S


“Knows more about food and the body than any human should, haha!” ~Cherie


“This has been a great way to transform myself in a short amount of time! …without feeling like I’ve been beaten up after.” ~Molly


“Life-changing! I always felt appreciated, respected and not alone on my journey. I experienced deeper nourishment, processed trauma, released self-judgment.” ~Becky


“Nothing ever happened this quickly before I started working with you!” ~Cara


“For the first time I felt like I was in charge of making my own choices for MY body- not some old way of thinking, or a trendy diet or what someone else or society thinks i should do! Just me, my body, my choice!” ~Becky


“I’m celebrating letting go of the guilt around food. When I let go of the guilt, the junk food cravings went away.” ~Genevieve


“I feel better equipped to make good choices, I’m experimenting with new foods, and I have MORE ENERGY! That’s a WIN!” ~Karla


“I’ve built sustainable knowledge and habits for a lifetime.” ~Colleen


“Amanda’s intuitive analysis was incredibly accurate on what was going on for me in my body. Highly recommend!” ~Paul


“My biggest breakthrough was getting my mind back; I created a mental shift and increased self-awareness.” ~Stephanie


“I learned the most thorough and eye-opening information I have ever been exposed to around nutrition and lifestyle practices.” ~Andi


“Amanda’s level of heartfelt support, knowledge of the body, and how foods heal was second-to-none.” ~Sarah


“I’ve become so much more in tune with my body’s needs! And realizing how my spiritual growth affects my body!” ~Becky


“I feel so bloody fantastic with the way I feel about myself … This has helped me to recognise a new insight into who I am. For this I am truly grateful.” ~Susan


“I found her language, recipes, and knowledge easily understood by any beginner and experienced alike embarking on this process.” ~Patrice


“I’m amazed at how well I’m feeling. I feel lighter and like things are working better. I don’t feel bloated after I eat, and my head is lighter, too.” ~Patrice


“It stretched me in so many beautiful ways … I’m feeling renewed, and like I hit the reset button to show up even MORE POWERFULLY! ” ~Johanna


“I used to hate being in the kitchen cooking, and now I’ve changed my whole kitchen attitude! …Fun-Fun-Fun!” ~Carrie


“I was being really hard on myself without realizing it. I have shifted back into listening to and believing my own self instead of trying to get answers from the outside, and trusting myself a lot more.” ~Cassie


“Finally looking with curiosity rather than leering with criticism inward… discovering beauty, worth, and inherent (abundant) enough-ness… I see me, fallible and flawed yet Fabulous! I’m magical and messy, a mystical masterpiece under constant maintenance. And all is well.” ~Johnna


“Amanda’s work is so special, divine, and powerful. She adopts her clients and intercedes for them… showing us how to powerfully intercede for ourselves.” ~Client B


“I feel better physically than I can remember feeling. I feel more aware emotionally than I ever have. I lost ten pounds. I feel more able to let anger go instead of hold it in my body. I’ve held anger for years and in my mind it was valid, but as valid as it might or might not be it was still only hurting my body especially my liver. It’s not realistic to think I won’t ever experience anger, but now when it comes I feel better able to notice it and where it sits in my body and then let it pass.

Same with fear. I don’t have this underlying dread in me anymore. I feel more safe in my body than I ever have. That’s a pretty huge thing for me! I’ve never felt really safe at home in my body. I’ve always been on the lookout for danger or threats. Now I don’t feel as hyper vigilant. I think caffeine was a big part of what triggered me unconsciously/activated that hyper awareness.” ~Marion


“What a Clarifying, somewhat challenging and holistic healing experience these last 10 days have been for me, I am beyond grateful Amanda Heisman! I truly feel she saved my life with this detox program on top of healing some old wounds. She has guided me through a somewhat difficult transition, and I can not thank her enough for the insight, reflection and reframing that came with her Holistic Detox program. It has changed my life, in every aspect.

My psoriasis is clearing up, I’m getting deeper sleep, my sinuses are completely clear and no allergies at all so far this year! The clarity around my childhood and adult trauma has helped me identify the cycle/s that were no longer serving me and it has helped me create habits for my mind, body and spirit for years to come. The impact was so large that it even impacted my immediate family.

This journey was not easy breezy by any means but beyond worth it in every way. I’m going to be doing the Holistic Detox every spring just for allergies alone! Let alone the bonus of losing the extra winter pounds that started adding up. I was able to cut back on all of my medications and hopefully I will be fully off them this year.

Amanda, thank you for holding space for me to help me heal physically, mentally and spiritually. You are a true gift to this world!
Reach out to Amanda if you are interested or have any questions about her program. She is completely pressure free! See if this program could help you. I can not recommend her enough!” ~Rebekah, Holistic Detoxer.

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